Welcome to Brighton’s latest pop up: The Hart & Fuggle By the Sea on 30th, 31st October and 1st November, 2013

We, that’s Georgina and Alice, are delighted to be cooking you a feast with Middle Eastern vibes at Lucky Beach, Kings Road Arches on our home turf of Brighton. It'll be £30 for the food, plus service. Wine, beer, coffee and other drinkable delights will be available to buy from Lucky Beach’s drinks list when you get here. We're really proud to be cooking at Lucky Beach; they’re putting on an amazing run of pop ups at the moment and on normal business days they serve a mean burger.

There’ll be two sittings each night: One starting at 7.30pm and one starting at 8.30pm, but your table is yours for the night whatever time your supper starts.
Check out the menu page to see what you can expect.

Be quick or you’ll miss supper...